Perfect for anyone who feels they are in a style rut, looking to elevate her wardrobe or simply wants a bit of help taking a step forward.


  • Free 30 minute initial phone consultation.

  • We will edit your closet together, determining what works best for your lifestyle, proportions, and goals.

  • I will source my top 5 to 10 item recommendations for you that will enhance your wardrobe and coordinate with as many current pieces as possible.

  • I will assemble a lookbook of outfits incorporating as much as I can from your current wardrobe, as well as the recommended items. 

  • Free virtual support. Give me a heads up that you’re headed out shopping or trying on outfits at home and send me pictures to help you hone in on style and fit.

Great for local Southern California clients looking for a personal stylist for specific events such as vacation, work obligations, and weddings and other special occasions.


  • Free 30 minute initial phone/Facetime consultation.

  • I will meet you at a convenient mall with a plan on what each store has to offer you.

  • We will go into the experience with a list of needed items to maximize our time together.

Virtual wardrobe consulting, corporate image consulting, and capsule collections using your current items are also available. Say hello for details.

“What you do extends way beyond clothes. It’s a really self-confidence boosting experience and everyone needs that.”


“I pulled an outfit together the other day and received lots of compliments! I felt very confident and stylish. That was a first! People kept saying how nice I looked and I was thinking, ‘it’s just a Target tank top with jeans and a jacket …’ but because I followed your advice, it looked super polished. I was so thrilled!”

“Thank you, fairy Godmother of fashion.”

“ Now I know what I’m looking for. I’m very excited about buying clothes, and I feel more confident and better about myself. You are magical! Thanks for putting so much effort into me!”

B E C K Y  G A R C I A

Wardrobe Consultant

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