I have always loved the challenge of making something my own, usually within the confines of a budget or wanting to use what I already have while be cognizant of quality and fit. As a personal stylist, this has rooted me in a style philosophy that is both practical and elegant for every day. I help my clients discover what they feel the most themselves in by curating their closets, and I am honored to work with them as they navigate through discovering and evolving their style.

My mission is to empower every client feel confident and beautiful in her own skin.

My Beliefs

Every person, regardless of size and background, is gorgeous.

Build on what you currently have and incorporate as many existing pieces as possible.

Being stylish doesn’t have to be expensive.

Style and comfort are not mutually exclusive.

You deserve to feel confident and put together. 

In starting our days positively. Getting dressed is one of the first things we do in a day; if we feel overwhelmed by that, it starts the day with a negative tone.

B E C K Y  G A R C I A

Wardrobe Consultant

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